Brand New Metal Framed Farmhouse Barndominium

The newest trend in home design is called a barndominium. These prefabricated metal homes are gaining popularity because they are cost-effective, offer flexible, open living spaces and are extremely energy-efficient. With the rising cost in lumber, barndominiums are the perfect solution to building with conventional wood construction. David Wiggins’ first metal-framed barndominium, the Dos Riatas […]

Choosing a Stock House Plan

The Ultimate Home Building Guide – Part 1 Before searching for the perfect house plan, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the process and what to expect. By following this home building guide, the search for your dream house plan will be easy and painless, and even a little fun! Homes come in all shapes, […]

What’s Included in a Stock House Plan Set

Each set of house plans from provides you with the necessary information to build your home. We pride ourselves on providing construction drawings that meet the highest standard for stock house plans, including meeting the latest IRC (International Residential Code). In some cases, plans may need to be adjusted and reviewed by a structural […]