Helpful Tips to Know Before You Submit Your House Plan Modifications

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You’ve found your dream home and now you’re ready to start the home building process, but you need some changes to make your dream home perfect. Whether it’s adding a ‘must have’ feature or living space or required changes to fit your lot or meet your HOA or county requirement, we can customize all of our stock plans to fit your specific needs and preferences. Here are some helpful tips to know before you submit your house plan modifications:

Simply fill out  the modification form for the House Plan you wish to customize and build! Our in-house modification team will email you a free estimate within 1-2 business days to find out what the additional cost will be to make your changes. Please note that modifications require the minimum purchase of the base PDF plan package.

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Here are examples of commonly requested changes:

Redlining changes are easy and fast. These are minor changes that can typically be done on-site by your contractor and are accepted by most building departments..

Examples of changes:

  • Changing materials, specifications, fixtures and cabinet layouts
  • Adding/Removing windows or doors
  • Moving interior non-bearing walls
  • Adding or removing fireplaces, dropped/raised ceilings and false dormers 

Recommended Plan Package: PDF digital construction plan set

Small Changes are minor changes affecting the layout of the home, but not the original footprint or house size.

Examples of changes:

  • Flipping two rooms around keeping existing dimensions
  • Changing garage to side or front
  • Changing exterior walls from 2×4 to 2×6
  • Changing a foundation type

Recommended Plan Package: PDF digital construction plan set or electronic CAD files

Changing from a 2-car to 3-car garage is a relatively easy change and very popular request (it also increases the bonus space above the garage). Many of our house plans already offer the 3-car option for an extra $150. Be sure to check the Optional Features available for purchase for each home.

Medium-sized Changes affect rooms and layouts but not footprint or actual house size.

Examples of changes:

  • Garage expansion
  • Enlarging/shrinking existing rooms
  • Elevation changes including roof pitch and roofline changes 

Recommended Plan Package: PDF digital construction plan set or electronic CAD files

Major Changes affect the square feet and/or house footprint.

Examples of changes:

  • Changing house footprint by increasing or reducing square footage
  • Adding new rooms, porches and garages
  • Reconfiguring and relocating rooms and garages

Recommended Plan Package: Electronic CAD files

Some states require that a licensed engineer review and stamp the plans. If this is the case, you will need to hire a state licensed structural engineer to analyze the design and provide additional drawings and calculations required by your local building department.

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